• The Story

    A present day Archaeologist discovers an ancient village in Yorkshire England, which tells the acurate story of the land 'Brigantia' and a Brigantes family who lived over 2,000 years ago. The story of Brigantia begins almost a million years ago to the time of Christ chronicled by the famiy's paintings, and writings of Airell, a young man and son of the family who has the burning desire to explore his spiritual self as a Druid Ministre, discovering secrets of Druids, the stars, power of the mind and magic and follows him to his old age, as a Druid Ministre and Chieftan-Priest of the Brigantes, when the Romans invade in 43 AD.

  • The Movie

    'Brigantia' is a unique and groundbreaking drama that tells the real story of early Britain through the eyes of Airell, a Druid Ministre (Portrayed by James Robinson star of 'Braveheart') who lived in the times before the Roman invasion in early AD during the times of Christ and religious upheaval. It brings to life to us in the present, the mostly unknown history of ancient Britain, the mystery of England, the magic and spiritualism of the Druids, and the remarkable ancient civilization of Britain. A film such as this has never been produced before.

  • The Mission

    'Brigantia' brings to life though film the origins of Britain whose ancient history has been wholly ignored in film, educational institutions, and in general history. It proves that ancient Briton had a well organized and advanced civilization with buildings, roads, ships, an thriving economy, a strong army long before the invasion of Rome, and that this advanced civilization existed long before the empire of Rome, the philosophers of Greece, and the pyramids of Egypt. It proves that the Britons prior to most ancient civilizations even had mathematics, philosphy, science, and even metaphysical abilites that has been lost through the annals of time..