• The Story

    In the dark moors of England among the trees and waters, lies many untold secrets of a world long ago. A land mystical and magic, and a people who found a gateway to the secrets of the universe. The land was called 'Brigantia'. The story begins at the time of Christ in a tumultuous world of change and religious upheaval, where a young man called Airell has the burning desire to to be a Druid Ministre, discovering his true spiritual destiny, and with it the real secrets of humankind and the power of the universe.

  • The Movie

    'Brigantia', a groundbreaking drama like no other, that tells the true story of early Britain through the eyes of Airell, a Druid Ministre (Portrayed by James Robinson star of 'Braveheart') who lived in the times before the Roman invasion of Britain in early AD during the tumultuous times of Christ and religious upheaval. It brings to life the unknown history and the remarkable ancient civilization of Britain, revealing the mystery of England's ancient people, the spiritualism of the Druids, and the true spirit of humankind. A film such as this has never been produced before.

  • The Mission

    'Brigantia' brings to life the true origins of Britain whose ancient history has been wholly ignored in film, educational institutions, and in general history. It proves that ancient Briton had a well organized and advanced civilization with buildings, roads, ships, an thriving economy, a strong army long before the invasion of Rome, and that this advanced civilization existed long before the empire of Rome, the philosophers of Greece, and the pyramids of Egypt. It proves that the Britons prior to most ancient civilizations even had mathematics, philosphy, science, and metaphysical abilites that has been lost through the annals of time. but even more, the real spiritual connection of humankind and powers of the universe..

The Cast

JAMES ROBINSON (Airell) - Takes the the lead role of 'Airell', the young Druid Ministre whose life is dedicated to seeking out the spiritual truth during the time of Christ. Robinson was born in Glasgow, Scotland. Robinson had his first success on screen when he was 10-years-old. He was picked by director Mel Gibson as the young 'William Wallace' for the much acclaimed 5 Oscar® winning blockbuster film 'Braveheart' (1995). He returned as an adult on the screen, in Danny Boyles highly acclaimed police dramady, "Babylon", Amazon Studios "Vanity Fair" (2004) starring Reese Witherspoon, Also on television, Robinson appeared in the epic series "The Borgias" with Jeremy Irons and Gina McKee, the BBC dramas "Doctors" and "Casualty". Robinson is also active in the theatre and is involved with the National Theatre of Scotland where he performed the play "In Time O' Strife" for the company, with other theatre credits include "Brassed Off" at the York Theatre Royal and National Tour; J. B. Priestleys "They Came To A City" at the Southwark Playhouse, London; William Shakespeare's "King John" at The Union Theatre, London; "I Didn't Always Live Here" written by Stewart Conn and directed by Lisa Blair at The Finborough Theatre in London. Robinson currently ppeared in the Amazon Prime original "Life Itself" (2018) starring Antonio Banderas, and is a regular in Greg Edgars'Golden Globe® Nominated television series "Outlander" produced by Sony Pictures Television for Starz. IMDB

ANDY BECKWITH (Tanguay) - Portrays Airell's gruff older brother "Tanguay" who is Chieftain of their ancient Briton village and world travelling merchant. Beckwith is best known for his recurring portrayal of the detestful barbaric criminal 'Rorge' in the long running HBO series 'Game of Thrones'. Also, known for 'Errol' in Guy Ritchie's film "Snatch" (2000), "Hell to Pay" (2005), a blind footballer in "Bury It" a comedy with Des McAleer, Clare Grogan and Steve Sweeney, "les Miserables" starring Hugh Jackman (2012), "Ironclad: Battle for Blood" (2014) and his recurring role as the pirate "Clanker", a member of the Flying Dutchman's crew in the major film series "Pirates of the Caribbean" starring Johnny Depp. Beckwith also has appeared in numerous British television series such as BBC's "EastEnders", BBC One's crime drama "By Any Means", and "Grantchester" ITV's detective drama, set in the 1950s. IMDB


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